Eyes on the Prize: Goals for 2012


Today, I am going to talk about goals; specifically, my personal goals for 2012. I have some gaming goals over on the Growing Up Gamers blog, but these are more gaming-specific and family-related. Well… here they are!


1. Only relevant stuff in my Inbox.

This may seem like a small one, and yes, overall, it is. But I am trying to filter out unnecessary things and keepoing an email Inbox free of clutter is a damn good idea. I have unsubscribed from more than a dozen or so mailing lists, especially ones I always delete. Additionally, where my inbox had about 3000 emails in it a few days ago, I’m now down to about 5-10. And none older than 3-4 days. This way, I can focus on real communication from friends and family. The other stuff? Mostly deleted. Relevant stuff is now in specific folders, all put there by intention and not email rules. So far? It feels good.


2. Improve my drawing and painting skills

My recent painting projects  have really reinvigorated me to hone those skills. If you have followed the link, what you will see are a couple custom boxes I painted for my children. The first is a custom deck box for a Magic: The Gathering deck (Commander format, if you care) for my six year old daughter (six individual pieces), and the second is one for my son for his Mario cards (just the top). All these were just adaptations of another piece of art, but I’m really happy with the progress I have made and enjoyed it immensely. the next project is another deck box for my wife. By the end of the year, I hope to be doing some card alters for our personal Magic: The Gathering collection.


3. Write more!

I am definitely out of practice when it comes to writing, whether we are talking about blogging, fiction, roleplaying or technical. I am going to try and write at least one blog post per week for both this blog and Growing Up Gamers. Additionally, I want to step up my fiction writing, too. I have something I’m working on, and right now I’m hoping to pick up the reins on that again. Far too long I’ve been looking at a big plot board next to my desk at work, with notes in three different notebooks and on loose papers. I’m trying out some writing software called Scrivener at present, and so far, I’m loving it. My current test project for the trial I’m doing is an adventure for my Pathfinder group. I’m thinking that Scrivener is going to be what I need to get my writing organized; if it works, I’m going to write a piece on using it for adventure design. Regardless of tools, though, I am trying to write more.


4. Organize my life

Seriously, I have been running around like a crazy man way too much, trying to tie up loose ends here and there. What I need is to implement systems in my life to reduce the overhead of the necessary work. I’m talking meal planning (including kids’ lunches), finances, cleaning, kids events, etc. I’m doing a little research here and there, and it’s a priority. If I come up with some good resources, I’ll post them here.


5. Make some progress on one of my game designs

I really let game design fizzle mid-year 2011. At present, I am focused elsewhere but I still want to keep this going. I see that I’m going to need to choose one and bang that out. I believe that I should focus on Princess of the Hill, as it is mechanically simple enough to be ready to test without too much work.

Well, that’s what’s on my plate. What’s up with you?



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4 responses to “Eyes on the Prize: Goals for 2012

  1. Poppy

    When it comes to meal planning, what’s worked well for us was setting one day a week for a meal based on each of the types of meat we eat – one day is Chicken Day, one day is Fish day, etc. It’s a silly little thing, but limiting ourselves on that day to “ok, we know we’re having something with X in it” makes it a little bit easier to plan for and around.

    • Not a bad plan. I’d have to go a slightly different direction, being a vegetarian, but focusing on a core ingredient for a day of the week could certainly help get things better organized.

  2. Rob

    I have no plans – no goals or resolutions, I am unorganized and don’t have any direction or focus. I’m all over the place. On one hand I appreciate the freedom and flexibility that this type of life style provides, but on the other hand I feel like life is just passing me by while I achieve nothing. Seeing you and Angie and your beautiful kids chart a plan for the next year is inspiring. I have other friends who are doing the same thing on their blogs. I’m playing around with the idea to make a change, get organized and start living my life with purpose instead of just a paycheck, I think I may try out a blog – if for no other reason then to have a spot where I can write my thoughts down and reflect on what I say and to see whats important in my life. But then i got high…… LOL
    Just kidding.

    Good luck on your goals and I wish you all the success and happiness that you deserve. Thank you for making my Niece so happy and for providing me with the most awesome and adorable grand niece and nephew evar!!

    Good luck

  3. The email can bee a killer. I use 2 accounts. The google account lets me label and I have on called To Never Never Land and those assigened to that tag get sumped before I start reading. Helpful those tags..and god luck with your plans 🙂 Ric

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